2nd Place - Spank Me
3rd Place - Bushwacker

Bubba’s Paintball Toys For Tot’s Tournament a great success!

On a chilly November 6th morning many of us (22 teams) trekked to Bubba’s Paintball to participate in Bubba’s Toys For Tot’s Tourney.  The idea was to have a full day of fun playing paintball while collecting toys for children who otherwise may not receive a toy for Christmas.    With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are updating our Christmas list with new markers, barrels, HPA systems or the latest hype in print for our addiction.  Why not spend a small portion or what we spend on this sport and make a child’s day.  After all, children are our future.  Mark, Jodi and the rest of the crew from Bubba’s Paintball put a twist to the tourney.   With many players spouting, “It’s not the marker it’s the player” as they spray your bunker with an intense ROF, they decided they would level the playing field.  For a donated toy and a $20 registration fee each player received a Brass Eagle Blade, and shared 500 rounds of paint and CO2 cartridges with the other 2 members of their team.  Now, if you’ve never experienced a BE Blade you were in for a treat.  They are your basic, plastic, bottom line pump marker.  As the tourney started it became apparent that a design flaw in our quality marker, if you screwed the co2 cartridge too tight the gun split and it leaked.  Mark realized the problem and was quickly off to the hardware store for hose clamps.  In a short time Mark and Sage (Farm Land Paintball Club’s Gunsmith) had over 40 of the 66 markers repaired and ready to go.  The teams lined up and with Mark, Lori and many others (Bubba’s Paintball) and Steve & Donna (Alamo Paintball) hollering a 1, 2, 3, GO, GO, GO the competition began.  We learned early that long balling and high ROF’s were out of the question.  The games then became an in-your-face, best tactics wins kind of competition.  I saw many players, accustomed to semi play, try to shoot before they pumped only to be rewarded by a splat and an elimination.  The day was filled with teams communicating with each other, laughs and pats on the back for recognition for a well played game or shot.  No attitudes, just plain clean fun.  It struck me that this is how paintball tournies should always be played.  In the end, there were many winners.  1st place – Kick ‘n’ The Junk, 2nd Place – Spank Me, 3rd Place – Bushwackers, 4th Place – Iron Fist, and 5th Place – Evil, Mean & Nasty.  The child that receives a toy for Christmas is the real winner.  That’s what this event was all about.  My hat is off to Bubba’s Paintball for recognizing the need for toys and coming up with an innovative way to return to the roots of paintball, for Alamo Paintball for donating their time to help referee and most of all to the players that donated the toys.

              Story by Larry ‘Sage’ Strack         
              4th Place – Iron Fist                              5th Place – Evil, Mean & Nasty