The City of Duluth, Minnesota
is now in the Paintball Business!

Spirit Mountain EXTREME Paintball
9500 Spirit Mountain Place, Duluth, MN (218) 624-8528

Spirit Mountain, owned and operated by the City of Duluth, is a very
popular place for Skiing during the winter, but needed more sources of
income in the summer months. Rob Hargraves, an avid paintball player,
brought the idea of running a paintball course up to the city of Duluth.
After months of research the City said OK.

Spirit Mountain EXTREME Paintball will have it's
Grand Opening in July, and there is talk that the governor might even come!

Two Outdoor Tournament Style Playing Fields open June 21, 2002...

with more coming in 2003!

            *Ten Man Sup Air Field with 38 inflatable bunkers

            *Five Man Sup Air Field with 19 inflatable bunkers



Extreme Paintball Services:                     Field and Pro Shop Hours

            Complete Pro Shop                           Weekdays 3pm - 8pm

Equipment Rental                            Weekends 9am - 7pm

Clothing Rental                                   *Call for Holiday Hours

            CO2 Fill

Nitro Fill w/ Booster             Private Reservations?

Food & Beverage                                 Birthday/ Graduation Parties?

            Arcade                                                 Bachelor Party?

Paintball Movie Rental              Group Rates?

Just CALL US!!!




tube                 (100)                $6

1/4 case             (500)                 $25

full case             (2000)                $90


All Day Field Fee                  $15


Season Pass                         $99      Grand Opening Sale: $69!!!


Basic Rental Package               $30

Semi-automatic Titan T-3 with face mask, air, 200 rounds, and field fee... 


Extreme Rental Package            $45

Black Magic Cocker  with face mask, air, 200 rounds, and field fee...                                                                         



CO2  (per oz.)                         $  .40

Nitro (per 1000 psi)                  $1.50


All Day Clothing Rental

Coveralls                                 $5

Face Mask System                        $5



218-624-8528      1-800-642-6377 ext.528


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