It’s About The Kids
By Larry Strack

Dec. 20th, 2002 the Farm Land Paintball Club was on the KARE 11 studio’s in Golden Valley, MN delivering well over $1500 in toys for the Marine Reserve Toys For Tot’s Drive.  Without a lot of fanfare they waved their banner to show the local viewing area that paintball players care about their communities.  With a membership of well over 200, Farm Land Paintball Club prides itself on keeping to it’s motto, “Honor, Integrity and Community”.  Membership isn’t just about paintball.  It’s about promoting a sport through leadership by example and by being a viable asset to the local communities.   Every September, Farm Land Paintball Club holds its annual Toys for Tot’s Games.

This year was no exception.  All players were invited to donate an unwrapped toy in exchange for a full day’s play of good, clean, honest paintball.  Everyone pitched in to referee, cook, clean or whatever it took to make the day a fun event for all.  Alamo Paintball provided free HPA/CO2 and a very deep discount on paint as well as meals, rentals and service.  Don-Lee Farms provided the area to set up the game.  The woods games and both speedball courts were busy all day, with the mantra being, “It’s for the kids.”  At the culmination of the day, they had collected well over $1000 in toys for the kids.  This wasn’t enough for the members, they unanimously voted to donate another $500 in toys, from their club operating funds, bringing the total to well over $1500 “for the kids.” 

The Farm Land Paintball Club challenges the MN paintball community, the to host a series of Toys for Tot’s games next year.  Whether you run a business, are a member of a team or just an occasional player in your back yard, get out and support this worthy cause.  Put on a game, make sure you attend a game or just donate some toys.  Our sport still needs some good PR, and this would help, but really “it’s about the kids.”


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