By Larry “Sage” Strack


Even before the snow melted from the fields, the club’s tournament committee was planning for their first Novice Class 3-Man speedball tournament of the season.  With Mike Erickson (Captain of Team SCAR) at the helm, they set out  a plan for a safe, fun, intense event.  And while they were at it, they decided to make it a three series event going through the summer.  A web site was designed to capture the spirit of the event and as the signup page was set in motion in cyberspace the reservations started filling up.  Twenty slots were filled in a few days.


                Game day quickly arrived, the clouds rolled back, the wind was quiet and the sun shone.  A perfect day for a little paintball and competition.  The players and Ref’s assembled.  The tournament committee had scored some of the most superb players in the Midwest, Bubba’s Paintball’s finest refs (Jeff $100” Gulczynski, Dave “Wubbs” Chattum, Kai Gilmore (Inventor of the REF gun), and Bill Briggs), Frostburn (Brian “BJ” Johnson, Gregory “Panzerr” Roberts and Darrell “D” Bennington), Krazy Kate (Black Widows) and performing as the Head Ref…none other than myself.


The winter planning paid off because this was one of the smoothest running tournaments I’ve ever seem.  Kudos to the planning committee, the club members that pulled it together and all the players for their competitive spirit and good sportsmanship.  Players were on the field on time and ready to play when scheduled…no waiting!  The fields were well laid out and allowed for fast play.  Field 2 was favored by the wider players because of the larger bunkers, but Field 1 made for some intense, in your face play.  Friendly competition was the word of the day.   All teams got right into the competitive mode and as with all competition, experience put the final edge on the blade.     


                  SCAR 1 and Ruff Ryders spontaneously decided to promote the clubs upcoming Pump Speedball Tourney  (15 June) by playing one of the tournament games with pumps only.  For those uninitiated in the realm of pump play the spectators were in for a treat.  SCAR 1’s Chris Herrmann scrambled around the field, after his teammates were eliminated, for the ultimate 3 on 1 performance.  He almost pulled it off getting 2 eliminations and finally being shot out when he ran smack into a bunker.  It was quite the sight, the entire spectator section was cheering and yelling for the underdog. 


Jake Sutherland won the “Golden Cup” award by receiving a couple of shots in a sensitive and critical anatomy area.  The award will be presented to him at another Farm Land Paintball Club event real soon.  Hope everything is well !!


Without going blow by blow, Kick’N’The Junk stepped out as the leaders to beat.  They kept their eye on the prize and maxed all of their games in the Prelim.  Unreal and Global Blue stayed consistent throughout and stayed close to the leaders and in finals contention.  Farm Land’s own SCAR 1 was the only team to really put a chink in Kick’N’s armor.  With a fast break to the middle 50 followed by another one at both tape lines Kick’N was left sitting with their proverbial pants down.  Well done SCAR 1!  Unreal used Kick’N’s misfortune to jump out ahead where they stayed despite some hot gun penalties.  Global Rage Blue was not far behind these two leaders and stole the show with their good manners and sportsmanship.  I don’t believe I ever saw any of their team called out by a ref, they just did the honest thing.

Here are the 1st through 3rd place winners:

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