International Amateur Open 2002
Paintball Tournament and Trade show
Pittsburgh, PA - August 7-11
Story by Darrin Johnson


The International Amateur Open (IAO) is making big changes for 2002.

For the past 12 years the International Amateur Open (IAO) has been one of the biggest Paintball Tournaments in the World! But in the last few year the IAO has been slipping in its greatness! Some players had grown tired of the IAO refusing to to change with the times and had said that the IAO was stuck in the 90's using all woods playing fields.

After losing its two biggest sponsors and watching newer Tournaments grow just as big or bigger, IAO has finely listen and is making big changes. IAO is moving to a new location and players at this year tournament will no longer play any of their games in the woods!  All fields will be concept fields, (Ultimate AirBall Fields). A long with the move, they are now sponsored by Diablo Paintball, instead of ZAP.

KINGMANN has offered to pay the Entry Fee into the IAO for any 5 player Team using only Spyder paintball guns during the event. If a Team using Spyders gets first place, that Team will get $50,000 in cash! And this is over and above the $15,000 IAO is giving to the first place Team! That works out to be $13,000 a player!

International Amateur Open
Official web site

Or call 724-935-6100
Call today and sign up! Take it from me,
this is a great Tournament and a fun time.

I played in the IAO from 1992 through 1995
with the MN Terminators and always had
a great time! I highly recommend going.
We won Sportsmanship twice
and took 3rd place in 1994.

Story by Darrin Johnson - March 2002


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