The New ANGEL iR3
"The World's Most Advanced Paintball Marker"

Pictured above with ANGEL AIR

Made in England the ANGEL iR3 is the latest creation*
from WDP Limited.

The iR3 has many Patented advanced feature:

Infra-Red marker to marker communication (Must be in safe mode to use).

Crystal Operated Paint Sensor with C.O.P.S. Led Indicator and Digitally
adjustable 'Sens' Control.

Gated Feed - Bi-Pivotal, Uni-Directional Ball Retention System.

Custom Trigger Designed for Optimum BPS Delivery with
3 Trigger Pivot Points Offering Personalized Firing Characteristics.

Space Frame - Offering Revolutionary 'Stay-Tight' Ambidextrous
Firing Ergonomics.

Other Advanced Features:

Skin Grip - Providing an ultra-high co-efficient of friction.

Shorter, Lighter body.

Advanced 3D milling.

14 Way Valve - Smaller, Custom manufactured.

2-Piece'Supa-Glide' Ram - Smaller, Lighter and more efficient.

Intellifeed ready (cut & carved only)

Adjustable Intellifeed - Activation and duration settings

Adjustable timer - 30 sec. increments.

Programmable timer alarms - 3 user alarms with permanent menu display.

And many more!

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