Paintball Swap Meet at Splat Your Out March 17th, 2002
The swap meet was held from 1-4pm on St. Patrick's Day at SYO in Blaine.
Seven venders were selling things from old goggles lenses to the new IR3 Angel.
720 Video was selling their new release, the Sup'AIR Bowl II Video (See review below) and the Polar Bear booth was selling the new color 2002 Player ID cards.

We got are hands on the hot new Sup'AIR Bowl II video and it ROCKS!
This video is very professional and shows the semi and finals of Sup'AIR Bowl II.
It also has footage from World Cup, FL. Heart pumping action makes you
feel like your right there! Retail for about $20 and come on DVD or Video.
You can buy the Video's at $17+Shiping by calling 651-488-7700

The new color 2002 Polar Bear ID Cards are out!
The Polar Bear sound like it's going to be twice as big as last year!



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