Can You Help!
On Saturday Oct. 4 Diehard Paintball
in Ramsey, MN got broken into and robbed!

The robbers have taken about 10,000 dollars worth of merchandise,  some of the most notable are: the
only blue colored Dye Matrix made right now,  a chrome angle,  a red-blue fade timmy ,  and a sound activated
halio.  Other low end guns as well including 3 mongoose a spider w/ a graffiti barrel and some
rental tippmans  and a couple of nitro tanks.

Diehard Paintball is offering a 1,000 dollar reward,  no questions asked,  for info leading to the
recovery of property, or the prosecution of the criminals.

Diehard Paintball
(763) 427-3892

14622 Ferret St. NW
Ramsey, Minnesota 55303



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