By Larry “Sage” Strack
Edited by Don “Badger” Grubish

The Minnesota Militia Paintball Team laid down the gauntlet, with a challenge to meet the Farm Land Paintball Club on the field of honor.  Both sides bragged player numbers in the 40’s and 50’s.  The Militia simply stated, “Bring whomever and whatever you have and do what you need to assault the fort.”  The Farm Land Paintball Club picked up the gauntlet and enthusiastically accepted the challenge.  What amassed was the largest assembly of tanks, men, and equipment in Morristown’s history.
It was the classic battle of territory, North vs. South.  What more fitting place for it to be fought than around a Civil War fort.  Commander Ahlman built the fort to re-enact Civil War battles and never envisioned it becoming the site of a great paintball battle. 

The MN Militia and Farm Land Paintball Club had fought together and as adversaries in the past on various fields.  On October 12th, a crisp Fall morning, they met at the gates of Fort Ahlman.  The MN Militia had amassed their largest group ever and was set to defend the fort on their own territory.  The Farm Landers  gathered less than half of it’s membership with tremendous firepower, weaponry, specially equipped with Battle Wagons and tactics to usurp the Militia’s hold on the fort.  The final player total  was 146
(55 MN Militia against  91 Farm Land members).

After tours of the area to familiarize players with the playing field, the Militia took up it’s place in Fort Ahlman.  The game time was set to one hour and the battle horn sounded.  As the battle ensued, and the Farm Landers tactics were established it became obvious why these forts had been the mainstay of our countries land defense.  It’s high walls and formidable gun ports proved to be much more of a challenge than earlier thought.  The Militia surprised the Farm Landers with a tank that established a choke point near the front entrance of the fort.  In addition, the Militia also poured out of the woods with a surprise assault force to help dwindle the northern Farm Lander threat before being taken out themselves.  The Farm Landers in turn surprised the Militia with battle shields to quickly neutralize the tanks.  Despite the great difference in player numbers, the Farm Land Paintball club was unable to breech the walls of the fort.  A brilliant effort was made and in the final minutes their tank and a few good players, led by Farm Lander XO Mikey,  were literally touching the gate entrance.  They were held off by 5 or so hard fighting Militia to maintain their superiority on the field of battle.

The next battle had the Farm Landers holding the fort while the Militia tried valiantly to take it.  Because of the offset in numbers, to the favor of the Farm Landers, they had decided not to wait for the first charge but rather to do a fast, furious pre-emptive strike on the Militia.  While the Militia fought bravely and with honor, they were just not prepared for the hoard that was before them.  Crazy J (Farm Lander) actually took on a large number of Militia by walking up an open field with his marker blazing.  His marker was in full auto mode, spent paint pods were flying and many a good Militia member was caught in his fire.  When finished with his charge, he simply walked back to the fort, unmarked, to reload.  The Militia never really had the chance to attack the fort.

In final analysis, it was a draw.  None of the teams were able to breach the walls and take the fort from the other.  There were no winners or losers.   No lives were lost, all had fun and battle stories shall be told for years.  Friendships were formed and respect was earned.  And, best of all, two fine clubs with excellent players finally got together to play with honor and integrity.

Special thanks to Ahlman’s Gun Shop for hosting this event, Splat Tag, Inc. for providing CO2, HPA, paint and supplies and finally to Alamo Paintball for filling in all the other things needed.    Without these fine people and organizations, none of this could have happened. We look forward to playing again. Whether it be on the same team at a tournament or against each other, we know that we have new friends and paintball will only become more exciting. I dare any other team to try and take both of us on at the same time. With the combined talent and equipment, we’re unstoppable.

By Larry “Sage” Strack and Don “Badger” Grubish
MNpig.com - Oct. 28, 2003

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