How much do you pay to get your bottles filled?

Darrin CEO of Splat Tag, Inc. reportedly paid a little over $8000.00 for a K-14 Bauer compressor (8hp). After years of carting heavy bulk bottles around and paying thousands for  just air he thought it only mad since to buy a compressor to compress his own air.

CB: Darrin how long do you think it will take for it to pay for itself?
DJ: It might pay for itself in about three to four years if I'm lucky! But I don't think of it that way. To me It's not always about making money. You have to look at other thing. I don't want to be know as the place that uses scuba tanks and can only fill up to 2000psi, the place that charges $2 per 1000 or worst yet, the place that players have to wait 30 minutes in line for air.

Why don't other Paintball companies buy compressors?
DJ: They have. There are two others compressors that are about this big, one in Rochester and one near Red Wing, as well as a few smaller ones around Minnesota.

CB: I didn't think Splat Tag, Inc. catered to compressed air players?
DJ: Well, your right. Most of our business is catered towards CO2 players, but we do run a couple of events, like the GIANT BIG GAME and the Sup'AIR Bowl Tournament, that need a large compressed air supply. And as a sponsor of the Polar Bear Tournament Circuit, I think it will get a lot of use.  With this compressor the Polar Bear will now have a total of three compressors at it's disposal.

CB: What do you think is better, CO2 or Compressed air?
I think they both have advantages and disadvantages. For players and for field operator CO2 is cheaper and easier to get, but for players that play in tournaments or in colder weather, compressed air is the best way to go.  

 Darrin, thanks for sharing the news with us.

Interview by Chris Berg
Jan. 9th, 2003

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