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The Polar Bear Tournament Circuit would like to make announcements on the 2003 season. The 2003 tournament season will be action packed and eventful. There are over 60 tournaments planned in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Polar Bear Tournament Circuit management has been trying to find ways to help accommodate as many teams as possible for the events planned this year. They have been working on topics such as the available faculties of the field that hosts an event, different ways to register your team, and choosing dates that are not clustered with other tournaments.

The Polar Bear is the longest running three man circuit in this area. We have added many new features for this year to benefit the player. It offers three different classifications of players. The differently classified teams play each other in a preliminary round and are split up for the semi-finals and finals round. This way, teams can test their skills against the higher divisions, but ultimately compete on an even playing field against players of their own skill level.

Almost all local teams have played a Polar Bear and for some it has been a turning point in that teams history. The Polar Bear has helped many teams start out and see how fun a competitive tournament setting can be. Some teams pass with flying colors and other teams fail, but a Polar Bear is the proven testing ground of a local team's level. The Polar Bear ranking has been used widely over Minnesota and Wisconsin to gauge a teams' skill and achievements.

The season kicks off earlier than ever with the first tournament indoor at Splat You're Out (SYO) at their indoor field located in Blaine, MN. The tournament weekend will be March 29th and 30th. The Polar Bear is a two-day tournament with the preliminary games on Saturday and the semi-finals and finals on Sunday. SYO has always been a solid supporter of the Polar Bear series. They have hosted their tournament at several different sites throughout the years. Including the Blaine National Sports Center. The first tournament of the year is always plagued by weather. We have to face the snow, have problems with mud, and if that doesn't happen look out for the rain. Now that the first site is an indoor field we won't face the problems with the weather.

SYO has been a huge supporter of team play during the cold winter months. At their indoor field in Blaine, SYO, has hosted team league nights, team practice weekends, and a five man tournament. They have sponsored a wide variety of teams and have a huge amount of trophies on display.

They have even recently installed a sup'air field instead of the old plywood and barrel field. The large rec-ball field adjacent to the tournament field will be closed down for the weekend and used for the staging area. This will insure that there will be enough stage areas for all the teams. The schedules will have a morning and an afternoon division that is similar to those used at large nation-wide tournaments. Teams will have all of their preliminary games in either the morning or the afternoon.

SYO makes a good site for a tournament because of the on-site pro-shop. Players will have back up parts and gear available if needed. Their pro-shop is responsible for selling a lot of guns to the public. They might not of sold you your tricked out angel, but they sold the spyders to that group of newbies that may be the next hot team in the novice B class.

The Polar Bear would like to thank all of our sponsors that help the tournament run smoothly.

The official paint sponsor for the 2003 season is PMI. PMI sponsored the circuit last year. The RP Scherer paintballs that they provided shot extremely well throughout the season. Many players commented on the fact that they played the whole tournament and didn't break a ball. PMI also contributed in many more ways than just providing awesome paintballs all year long. Almost all of the sup'air fields were provided by PMI. PMI also provided the large star shaped player tents at the season finale. PMI distributes Evil and Pure Energy products. We should see some more of those products this season.

 Splat Tag, Inc. also is a huge sponsor of the Polar Bear. Splat Tag provided the use of their new Extreme air sup'air field at the season finale. The new Extreme air sup'air field will be used in conjunction with the fields provided by PMI.

Splat Tag has just purchased a Bauer K-14 air compressor. This compressor will be used to refill the large bulk tanks that power the air system that we fill our tanks with. Special care will be used by the Polar Bear air staff to insure a no wait policy and to fill approved tanks closer to 4500 psi.

Redz comfort gear has again signed on with the Polar Bear this year. Redz manufactures a lot of rugged gear. They sell really nice packs that attach to different size belts. They carry a wide variety of sizes to fit the super small or the large player. Carmen from Redz has always supported us in the positive growth of Minnesota paintball. Redz will provide some of the prizes for the tournaments this year, as well as, some of their new hot products for 2003.

We would also like to thank Just Paintball, Inc.. Just Paintball has always supported the polar bear. Vince from Just Paintball, Inc. always sets up a booth displaying his products and gear for sale. He normally has a raffle to give away the newest product to come out.

Zumbro Valley Paintball will also host the Polar Bear Circuit. The Zumbro Valley Paintball field is a very nice location. This field is the home of the 2002 and 2001 advanced series champions, the Wizards. There are also a lot of other good teams that come from the valley.

PGI will also host the Polar Bear Circuit. The season finale was held at it's fields in Baldwin, WI. PGI is the home of Team Cypress, who reffed the series last year.

Keep posted to for more information on the Polar Bear tournament series. Teams are urged to sign up at the following place listed below.

 Splat You're Out - Indoor/Store    (763) 754-8596
10990 Central Ave. NE

Blaine, MN 55434

The Official web site for the Polar Bear Tournament Circuit

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