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Polar Bear Tournament Circuit

We would like to announce the official 2003 Polar Bear tournament dates. After a busy winter with a multitude of competing tournaments we have set on the following dates and prices.

There will be FIVE three-man tournaments.

March 29th - 30th hosted by Splat You're Out in Blaine, MN
May 17th - 18th hosted by Zumbro Valley Paintball in Lake City, MN
June 28th - 29th  at a non-paintball venue
July 26th - 27th at a non-paintball venue
September 6th -7th hosted by PGI in Baldwin, WI

Teams receive seed points to declare an overall circuit winner in each division.

 There will be THREE five-man tournaments.

June 14th  at Zumbro Valley Paintball in Lake City, MN
August 16th at PGI in Baldwin, WI
October 18th  at Splat You're Out in Blaine, MN

 There will be ONE ten-man tournament.

September 27th at PGI in Baldwin, WI

 The entry fees are listed below. All entry fees include air or co2.

Three-man tournament - $200
Five-man tournament - FREE
Ten-man tournament - $500

The Polar Bear Circuit is an event paint only tournament. There are two types of paint available. For more information about the paint go to and

RP Scherer Premium - $55/case
RP Scherer EVIL - $70/case

These are the real dates. The website is under construction. Keep posted to for more information on the Polar Bear Tournament Series. Teams are urged to sign up at the following place listed below.

Splat You're Out - Indoor/Store         763-754-8596
10990 Central Ave. NE
Blaine, MN 55434

Zumbro Valley Paintball                       507-798-2290
Lake City, MN

 PGI                                                      612-501-2893
Baldwin, WI

 The Official web site for the Polar Bear Tournament Circuit

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