Polar Bear - Press Release

The Polar Bear Tournament Circuit is proud to announce the prizes for the three man tournaments. The following list is the MINIMUM amount of prizes available. This prize package is based of off 40 teams and the package gets better as more teams sign-up.


Advanced   1st place- $750 cash

Novice A    1st place- $500 gift certificate to a non-paintball retail store
                                  10 cases of PMI paintballs

                    2nd place- $250 gift certificate to a non paintball retail store
                                     7 cases of PMI paintballs

                    3rd place- 4 cases of PMI paintballs

 Novice B   1st place-paintball gear

                    2nd place-paintball gear

                    3rd place-paintball gear

The novice B prize package is full of paintball gear from great companies like Redz, Viewloader, JT, PMI, and Evil. The paintball gear prize package is valued at over $3,000 and is distributed to the top three finishing teams in the novice B class.

In addition to the above prizes, we will also receive prizes from the following sponsors,
Splat Tag, Inc., Just Paintball, Inc., MNpaintballpix.com, and Warped Sportz. These sponsors have supported the Polar Bear for a long time and always give great prizes.

In an effort to make registering for the Polar Bear tournaments easier, the promoter released the following paintball businesses to register at. Teams can sign up for any  Polar Bear Tournament at any one of the following locations.

Splat You're Out
10990 Central Ave. NE
Blaine, MN 55434

2515 White Bear Ave. #8a PMB130
St. Paul, MN 55109

Zumbro Valley Paintball
Lake City, MN

MDC sports
Miracle Mile Shopping Center
36 17th Ave. NW
Rochester, MN 55901

The first tournament of the year is the three man at Splat You're Out in Blaine, MN.  Keep posted to MNpig.com for more information.

 The Official web site for the Polar Bear Tournament Circuit www.polarbearcircuit.com

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