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                                                                                       Nov. 13, 2005

2005 PSP World Cup

I left Minnesota with threats of Wilma hitting Florida hard. I had concerns about the hurricane, but not really. Thatís what paintball is: sacrifice.
          World Cup was held again at Disneyís Wide World of Sports in Orlando. While the weather had many scared off, the hurricane (in Orlando) turned out to be mostly hype minus some rain and minimal flooding, but no damage to the fields. Disneyís sports complex is a prime location with ample parking, nice grass, and level playing fields.
          World Cup is definitely the most important event all year; itís where you go to prove yourself. You arenít a paintball player unless youíre at Cup. Itís comparable to the World Series, Stanley Cup, or Superbowl. As far as Iím concerned attendance should be mandatory for any athlete serious about the game.
          Cup has always been good about bringing out a lot of teams, especially Minnesotan teams. This year was no exception with 6 teams and a handful of local players.
A spruced up Team Magnum, a combination of Northside and original Magnum players, formed the lone Minnesota X-ball team, division III at World Cup. Magnum lost their first game to a team called Date Support Systems (sweet name), 6-7. This loss put the team in the loserís bracket where they fell to Adderall Kids Factory (once again, sweet name) 2-11. I had a chat with Magnum player Matt Leizinger after the games. This was Leizingerís first major event and he said playing X-ball was a great learning experience for him and his teammates. The format of the game really showed them how fast-paced X-ball is. I wish nothing but the best for Team Magnum. It was great watching this Minnesota team compete in the X-ball league.
          Team Splatball proved that Cup is the place to prove youíre a champion. The Minnesota team walked away with the Division II, 5-Man championship and the overall series title of the PSP. Their talent and teamwork made them fun to watch as they rolled through teams. Congratulations to the champs!
          Team Vintage who usually competes in Division II, X-ball attempted trying their luck in 5-man. I spoke with many of the players who said they really didnít like the format of 5-man; it was slow and unforgiving and they couldnít try new moves or run-throughs to break games open. Their style of play really didnít agree to the 5-man format and many teams knew this. Vintage played poorly, a record poor for the team actually. Vintage went 3 and 5, not even making the quarter-final cut. The team is going through many changes in the off-season. They should be the team to keep an eye on next year.
          In Division II, 5-Man, St. Croix Paintball Supply stepped up their level of play at World Cup winning 5, losing 3 in prelims and maxing their last two games. In quarter-finals the team won 2 out of 3 in a close game advancing them to semi-finals. Once in semiís they seemed to be out gunned and only took 1 of 3 games and took home the overall 13th spot. St. Croix Paintball Supply showed great improvement all year for such a new team. Congrats guys.
           A team that has been improving all year is team God Squad. They proved themselves at Cup in the Division III, 5-Man winning 6 of 8 prelim games, an improvement from their previous event record, but failed to advance. I commend them on their improving playing abilities, along with their team loyalty, and of course, their superb sportsmanship.
          The young and talented team Zero was expected to place well in the Division III, 5-Man.. They started off well winning most their prelim games, minus a lose to team R.P.S. and made the quarter finals with ease. However, their luck ended short and they didnít make the semi-final cut.
The MN Krew was in effect representing the state in the 5-man young guns division. The team, mainly made up of players from the Splatball Kidz, rolled through prelims only loosing two games. After prelims the cut for semiís was high and MN Krew went in as 8th seed. Unfortunately, MN Krew couldnít find their rhythm and lost all three of their semi-final games. Nevertheless, way to make it to Sunday. Well done guys.
          In addition to Minnesota teams, a handful of individual athletes played on national teams at Cup. Nate Boyer of team Vintage and Jon Cao, formerly of the L.A. Ironmen, played for the Bushwackers in Division I. Karrin Schroepfer, played with team LTZ who had a good event, but had both of their losses handed to them from the Denver Altitude. Despite the loses LTZ took home the series title. Great job LTZ and Karrin! Paul Roberts was playing for Docs Raiders, in Division I X-ball. Doc had stacked his team and pretty much rolled through event. Congratulations to Docs Raiders and Paul Roberts for their win at World Cup. Well deserved! Pat Roberts, Todd Hugo, and Aaron Tholey rounded out the last of the Minnesota players playing at World Cup. All three played with the Philly Americans in the NXL. The Americans beat Miami Effect in two games early on in the week but lost their series to the Oakland Assassins. (If youíre curious to see how I did personally against Oakland, my stats are provided at www.aarontholey.com courtesy of Pro Paintball Stats.)
          To all the Minnesota and Midwest teams and playersócongrats for a good showing at World Cup 2005. I better see you at the next World Cup.
For more information and final standings check out the PSP website www.pspevents.com.

Here is a link to the PSP website if you are looking for more information on the PSP. www.pspevents.com

This is Aaron ďLumberjackĒ Tholey reporting on the PSP World Cup 2005 with nothing but hATe!

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