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                                                                                                                                            June 2007
Giant Big Game XII – June 3, 2007

Minnesota vs. Wisconsin in a Futuristic Battle for Domination!

The morning broke to cloudy skies and humid temperatures. Dew dripped off the tall grasses and canvas tents that dotted the landscape. Players woke to the sounds of more cars arriving, with the hissing of the air compressors waking up to fill more tanks. The referee crew drove up and down the muddy roads on golf carts to begin one of Wisconsin’s biggest paintball events: Giant Big Game XII.

625 players, some from as far away as Texas, collaborated to play the ongoing saga of a futuristic war between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Splat Tag’s field is mere minutes away from the two-state border outside of Hudson, Wisconsin. Nestled in the middle of woodlands and state-owned property, this battlefield allows players all sorts of terrain to conquer.

Each side brought an impressive paintball tank to use during the game. The Red Army brought Lil’ Reb, owned by Splat Tag in conjunction with the scenario team, the Minnesota Rebels. The Blue Army debuted its own tank, courtesy of CC Military Surplus and constructed from members of the Minnesota Militia Paintball Team. This tank, the Land Shark, sports a menacing WWII-style shark face paint job on the front, and a whopping 8,000 round hopper on the top of the turret that feeds two Tippmann A-5s. Both tanks roll on tank treads and can take just about any ground thrown at them.

Many vendors rolled in to take part in the event as well. CC Military Surplus of Maplewood, MN had their field store set up, as well as Python Paintball from Chicago, Illinois, St. Croix Paintball of Hudson, Wisconsin, and Northern Command Paintball even had a tent to sell their wares. Whatever a player might need, want, or find forgotten at home was on hand there to buy for the day. Friendly vendor staff was there to explain to scenario players the latest in woodsball technology and innovation.

Generals Mike “Rags” Kaehler of the Blue Army faced off with General Burt “Brutis” Peterson of the Red Army in a quick overview meeting with the reffing staff and the owner, Darrin Johnson. At 9:00 a.m. sharp, the go-ahead was delivered over the referees’ radios signaling a start of the action. Both teams exploded out of their netted insertion points and took off to secure the three bases needed for points. While both sides raised their team flag colors to the top many times over, it appeared that Red Army kept them raised when the referees checked for point scoring.

By noon that day, it was looking dismal for Blue Army. The tide was definitely in favor of the Red Army. General Brutis was sending out wave after wave of soldiers to keep the bases needed. At one point, General Rags and his first officer watched as Red troops marched through the Blue Base from the comfort of their secured bunker. However, General Rags was not to be defeated so easily. His side had found out in the field three missile crates that they humped back to the main base. Each crate would allow Rags to call in a missile strike destroying a base for one half hour and everyone in it.

After noon had passed, Yellow Base was Rag’s main objective. He would keep pounding that base with his missile strikes for most of the afternoon, letting his men rush in and hold the base in between strikes. Scores and scores of Red soldiers were eliminated once they would take the base. Blue would call in with the situation and the count of enemy troops. Within minutes, the referee was sending them back to their reinsertion point.

At 3:00 p.m., the last objective was to hold the two towers in the open grass field. Named Tippmann Tower and Evil Tower, these two autonomous towers would shoot fully-automatic double-trouble A-5 markers at whichever side controlled them. Initially it was Blue Army that held them, with Red Army advancing in menacing numbers. General Rags still had plenty of Darrin Dollars to purchase two Apache helicopters.

The two selected players, Matt “Carpenter” McLaughlin and I were allowed to don PVC backpack constructions on our backs, with pinwheels taped to the top antennas. This allowed us to venture out onto the field nearly invulnerable from attack. The only weapon that could bring us down would be a Nerf rocket fired upon us, or a missile attack like the ones I described earlier.

With full air sources and heavy paint pods weighing us down, we marched onto the field and opened fire. Many Red soldiers were unaware of our capabilities, so they began to fire at us. We were told that mere paintball markers would not eliminate us, so we took the brunt of their firepower and laid down a ton of our own. The confused players raised their markers in defeat, while the lucky few who were still alive in the game scrambled back to the tree line for protection.

The two of us alone held back their entire army of 300+ ground troops for nearly an hour and a half. Blue players kept supplying us with paint, and eventually their air tanks. Lil’ Reb did its best to take us down with Nerf rocket volleys, but each came up short or sailed harmlessly past us. The CC Military “Land Shark” helped us out by laying down suppressive fire or traveling out to us to refill our pods.

Eventually, we had to refill at the M.A.S.H. unit that Rags had also purchased. This MASH unit was located by Evil Tower. While the two of us were reloading and getting new air tanks, the head referee rushed to the scene and notified all of us that the MASH unit was destroyed, along with both our Apaches. Tired and painted thoroughly, we walked off the field with smiles on our faces. We had done enough damage.

Red Army was able to take Tippmann Tower briefly, but General Rag’s army quickly took it back and held it to the end of the day. The point scores, however, still favored General Brutis of the Red Army, giving him the victory, but victory was won by everyone that day that enjoyed Splat Tag’s scenario event.

Both generals will have their name engraved on the large trophy, and will go down in the annals of Splat Tag history. Both sides will remember this day as one of the greatest games in the Midwest. Splat Tag also handed out many great prizes, like Tippmann markers, cases of paint, and even free trips and entry fees to Oklahoma D-Day the following weekend!

For Darrin Johnson, this was one heck of a way to spend his birthday. For the 625 players that helped make his day memorable, it was a chance of a lifetime to be a part of the action. The battlefield sits quietly, as the fog of war has been lifted for now. However, knowing the folks at Splat Tag in Hudson, Wisconsin, that won’t last forever. Splat Tag offers monthly Jungle Rumble events, Old School Classic 5-man team events, and yes, a fall Giant Game where the action will come alive once more. If you’re ever in the Midwest region, this is one event you will love to join in. Everyone has fun, everyone plays a part in the action, and everyone welcomes you at Minnesota and Wisconsin’s biggest event: the Splat Tag Giant Big Game!

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