Todd Hugo

An Interview with the
  Philadelphia Americans
player from Minnesota.

By Kate Oberhelman 2003

                                                                  XBall - LA 2003                            MN Terminators - 1992
Hello Todd
Todd: Hello Kate

Kate: When did you first start playing paintball and what got you into it?
Todd: 1987. A friend of mine invited me along and in my first game I got the flag and I was addicted ever since.

Kate: What's the biggest change you've seen over the years?
Todd: Probably going from woods to air ball fields and the electronic marker.

Kate: Are there any changes you'd like to see happen in paintball?
Todd: Make more money.

Kate: How have you kept from burning out while playing so long? If so, how did you get yourself back into playing?
Todd: After the season ends I take off November and December. No matter how I am feeling as soon as the game starts Iím ready to go.                                                            1994

Kate: What are the perks of being a pro player?
Todd: Women and money. Besides that getting to travel around the world seeing new places, meeting new people, and have everything paid for.

Kate: Do you make money playing paintball?
Todd: Yes

Kate: What is your most memorable tourney?
Todd: Playing on the beach in Aruba with topless girls walking around was great.
But, it was winning the 97' world cup.

Kate: How about one you'd like to forget?                                                                       1995
Todd: A tourney in France. We won it a couple of years in a row and there was no way they wanted us to win it again. The promoter, players, and refs were all in on it.

Kate: After playing Nationals for so long, I'm sure you've been overshot in a lot of games. Is there one
that stands out the most?
Todd: Every Xball game you get hit in.

Kate: What are you views on paintball being viewed on ESPN?

Todd: It will be great for everyone; we need to make it a household name.

Kate: How do you feel about X-ball?
Todd: The scheduling is great you don't have to spend all day at the field.                                                                                                                                            2002

Kate: What influenced you start the Todd Hugo Paintball Clinic?
Todd: Jim Lathrop from SBI contacted me and we made it happen.

Kate: How much longer do you see yourself playing with the Philadelphia Americans?
Todd: A couple of years or so. I'm getting old and slow.

Kate: Thanks for spending this time with me, Todd. I wish you the best this year!
Todd: Thanks.

Todd Hugo                                                                                                                     2003
Interviewed by Kate Oberhelman - 2003 -
Photographs by MNpig staff photographer Darrin Johnson 

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