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Todd Hugo Paintball Clinic
July 20th, 2002 in Rosemount, MN
by Garrett Caldwell

Great opportunities and experience were gained by paintball players from the MN / WI area this weekend as members of the Pro Paintball Team All Americans made a visit to the local scene.

Todd Hugo, a Minnesota native and member of the All As was joined by Billy and Adam Gardner, owners / founders of the All Americans as well as Smart Parts to conduct a paintball clinic on Saturday July 20th at Splatball Inc. in Rosemount, MN. 

30 players were attended the clinic, with a mix of both tournament and recreational players present, including one individual that had never played paintball before.

The event kicked off at 10am, but due to heavy rain and lightning the participants gathered under the staging area shelter until noon. The All As took advantage of this time to conduct a lecture on paintball basics, marker handling, position fundamentals as well as the overall importance of patience in the game. By noon the skies had cleared and it was off to the field to put the new knowledge to the test.

Field activities commenced in afternoon heat with a series of one on one warm up drills between clinic participants. Players were then divided into groups of 5, which then in turn took on the 3 members of the All Americans in scrimmages. Scrimmages of different sorts continued into the afternoon, with the All As on hand coaching teams and players along the way as streams of paint whizzed by.

Overall, the clinic offered a great opportunity for both new and experienced players alike to learn from the pros as well as play both with and against them.

Following the clinic, the All Americans visited the Mall of America for dinner and relaxation.

On Sunday, the fun continued when Todd, Billy and Adam visited PGI in Baldwin, WI. The 3 All Americans combined with players from local teams Cypress, 8-Ball, Win Inc, Hazmat, Old Skool and Black Widows for a day of 10 man scrimmages.

The games proved to be as intense as the afternoon heat, which soared as the heat index topped 105. Ladies Day was also underway at PGI and the presence of the All As enhanced the experience for many new players, allowing them to see the pros in action.

On behalf of the players and participants, special thanks go out to Todd, Billy and Adam for taking the time to work and play with everyone, as well as Splatball Inc for hosting the clinic and PGI for hosting the 10 man scrimmage. Most importantly, thanks to the players that came out and participated in the weekends events.

For more information about Todd Hugo www.toddhugo.com
and for Smart Parts


Todd Hugo Clinic at Splatball
Todd Hugo Clinic at Splatball
Todd Hugo Clinic at Splatball
Todd Hugo Clinic at Splatball
Todd Hugo Clinic at Splatball
Todd Hugo Clinic at SplatballTodd Hugo Clinic at Splatball

Todd Hugo Clinic at Splatball
Todd Hugo Clinc at Splatball Todd Hugo Clinc at Splatball
Special thanks to:
Todd Hugo, Bill and Adam Gardner,
Splatball, Inc. and
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