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 2012 News

 2011 News

Splat Tag help collect over 2000lb of food for Food Shelve.

Splat Tag help raise money for scholarship fund.

Action Packed Paintball acquires Splatball, Inc.

MN Pro Paintball raises money for Children's Hospital.

The GIANT BIG GAME XX has over 500 players on May 1.
 2010 News

November 1 Action Packed Paintball acquires Air Assault Paintball

November 1 MN Pro Paintball open new store in  Minnetonka

Oct 10 Northside Sports Ramsey MN closed down.

Forest Brown Passed away on Sept 4, 2010

July Alamo Paintball closed down

July Splat Tag Builds Giant Castle

Bob Guernsey needs our help, one of the three originators and one of the first 12 players who participated in the first paintball game ever played is currently ill with cancer and we want to help both him and his family with donations to pay for medical expenses.

Kee Action Sports buy JT

Feb Pat Roberts joins Vicious Paintball Team

May 2, 2010 Hunt for the Cure Charity Game at Splat Tag
 2009 News

MN Pro Paintball raise over $12,000 for
the Children's Hospital!


Splat Tag's "Giant Big Game" on June 6, 2009
Over 800 players came out to battle!

Wild Bunch helps raise $25,000 for
the Huntington's Disease Society of America

The paintball team Wild Bunch hold an annual
scenario paintball game "Hunt For The Cure" at Splat Tag every May.

 2008 News

Frederic 5Man Paintball Tournament Sept. 2008

MWPPA Paintball Tournament August 23-24, 2008

Paintball Rally for United Way August 2 from 10am to 3pm

Fredric Paintball Tournament July 27, 2008 WI

MWPPA 5 Man Tournament Series July 19-20 at Sherburne County Fair

MNXPL Paintball Tournament Series July 12-13

MNXPL Paintball Tournament Series June 14-15

 Darkside 3Man Paintball Tournament Jan. 19, 2008

 MWPP Jan. 5, 2008

World Paintball Day June 22, 2008  www.WorldPlayPaintballDay.com
 2007 News

 2007 World Cup Pictures See Picture!

 MWPPA Sept. 21-23, 2007

 MWPPA August 25-26, 2007

 2007 Walrus Cup August 18-19, 2007

 PSP River City Open August 2-5, 2007 Omaha, NE

 Polar Bear Tournament July 21-22, 2007.

 MWPPA and AYT Tournaments July 14-15, 2007 at Dakota County Fair Grounds in Farmington.

 Frederic Tournament in Frederic Wisconsin June 16, 2007

 Team Wild Bunch gets sponsored by WDP

 Oklahoma D-Day - June 9, 2007

 Giant Game XII - June 3, 2007 at Splat Tag, Inc.

 MWPPA 5Man Tournament Held May 26 at the Dakota County Fair Grounds in Farmington.

 The Scenario Team "Wild Bunch" raise $30,000 on May 6 for The Huntington�s Disease Society of America

 Annandale Youth Tournament April 14, 2007 - 3man Teams

 PSP LA See Pictures.

 MWPPA 5 Man Jan 19, 2007 at Air Assault

 Sup'AIR Bowl VII - Jan 13-14, 2007 is Canalled
 2006 News

 MWPPA 5 Man

 PSP World Cup Nov. 7-12, Orlando, Florida, 2006
 Giant Big Game XII
413 Players - Sept 10

 Triple Crown Paintball Tournament Sept. 9,  2006

 NPUC Tournament July 29

 Operation Overlord
June 25 at Special Forces
 Walrus Cup
June 17, 2006 See Pictures

 Oklahoma D-Day The World's Largest Paintball Game 3700 Players - June 10

 Giant Big Game X - June 4, 2006

 First Triple Crown See Pictures

 Polar Bear 3 Man Paintball Tournament See Pictures!

 Back 80 Tournament See Pictures

 Team Wild Bunch raise $7000 for charity with their "Hunt for the Cure" Big Game on May 7, 2006

 The crew from the Kid Rock Tour plays at thunder Alley in Princeton, MN April 2006

 Twin Cities Paintball Expo April 22-23, 2006
 PSP Referee Clinic March 2006 at Air Assault

 Annandale Youth Paintball Tournament March 4, 2006
 Sup'AIR Bowl VI Paintball Tournament Jan. 14 & 15, 2006
 Players and teams practice getting ready for Sup'AIR Bowl VI
 2005 News

 The Farmland Paintball Club drop off the Toys For Tots

 Thunder Alley adds 22,0000 Urban Paintball Course Nov. 16, 2005

 2005 PSP World Cup by Aaron Tholey - Nov. 13, 2005

 New Indoor field opens "Air Assault Paintball" Nov. 10, 2005

 Giant Big Game IX Sept. 18, 2005 in Hudson, WI

 Operation Overlord 2 Aug. 14, 2005 in Buffalo, MN

 Dehydration by Dr. Murphy

 Wild Bunch raised money for the HDSA "Hunt For The Cure" Big Game August 7, 2005.

 Aaron Tholey gives the rundown on MN Teams at Chicago PSP

 PSP Chicago Open Pictures - June 2005

 Operation Overlord June 25, 2005 in Buffalo, MN

 Junk Yard Game June 12, 2005

 Giant Big Game VIII - June 5, 2005 in Hudson, WI

 New Book "Scenario Paintball: Tips, Tools, and Tactics from the Trenches" By Don Grubish of MN
 Polar Bear 3 man paintball tournament at Splat You're Out in Blain, MN Mar. 12

 NLPL 5 man paintball tournament in Madison, WI - Mar. 5-6
 Twin Cities Paintball Expo
March 19 & 20, 2005 in West Saint Paul, MN

 Sup'AIR Bowl V - Paintball Tournament Jan. 15 & 16, 2005
 2004 News

 PSP World Cup!
Splat Tag Player Appreciation Day - Oct. 10, 2004

 Bridge Too Far 3 June 26 in Buffalo, MN See Pictures

 Giant Big Game VI June 6 in Hudson, WI

 Polar Bear Tournament near Lake City, MN - April 25 - 26, 2004

 The Minnesota Paintball Association Web Site Hits 50,000 Views! All about Safety! April 28, 2004

 NLPL Tournament in Tiffin, IA - April 17 -18, 2004

 Members of the MN Wild Hockey Team played paintball - April, 2004 - Read More

 Polar Bear Tournament in Blaine, MN - Mar. 27-28, 2004
 NLPL Tournament in WI, Mar. 20-21, 2004

 MXPL Paintball Tournament - March 28, 2004 See Pictures

 PSP LA OPEN - March 3-7, 2004 -See Pictures

 So, You Want To Play Winter Ball? by Larry "Sage" Strack Feb. 2004

 Division Cup Paintball Tournament - Feb. 14 & 15, 2004
Sup'AIR Bowl 4 - 64 teams compete inside St. Cloud State University - Jan 17 & 18, 2004
 2003 News
 Farm Land Paintball raised $2000 for Toys For Tots! De. 2003
 Team Ignition Makes the Cover of PB2X and MNpig was there Dec. 2003
 See what Team Ignition was doing in Bob Long's back yard!
Take a Look

 Halloween Big Game Oct. 28th, 2003 in Hudson, WI

 Attack the Fort Big Game in Morristown, MN on Oct. 12 Article by Larry Strack

 Polar Bear  5 Player Tournament and NICC Oct. 18, 2003 at PGI. See Photos

 See what Team Ignition was doing in Bob Long's back yard Oct. 2003! See Pictures

 Attack the Fort Big Game in Morristown, MN on Oct. 12 See Pictures

 Can You Help! On Saturday Oct. 4 Diehard Paintball in Ramsey, MN got broken into.

 Giant Big Game V, 442 Battled it out at Splat Tag, Inc Sept 28, 2003.

 Northern Lights Paintball League Sept. 20 & 21, 2003 See Photos

 Polar Bear Tournament Sept. 6 & 7, 2003 at PGI. See Photos

 Polar Bear 5 Player Tournament Aug 23, 2003 at PGI. See Photos

 Northern Lights Paintball League Aug 9, 2003 See Photos

 Polar Bear Tournament July, 2003 at PGI. See Photos
Northern Plains Ultimate Crown Verndale, MN June 2003
Northern Plains Ultimate Crown Worthington, MN June 2003

 Northland Speedball Series #2 July 19, 2003 See Pictures

 Polar Bear Tournament June 28 & 29, 2003 at PGI. See Photos

 A Bridge to Far Big Game in Buffalo Take a Look
 3-Man Cash Series
Paintball Tournament June 14, 2003 See Photos
 Tommyguns Tournaments Series June 7, 2003 See Photos

 Northern Lights Paintball League May 31, 2003 See Photos

 Interview  will Todd Hugo from the Philadelphia Americans May, 2003

 Report on the 2nd Polar Bear in Lake City Read More May 2003

 Meet the MNpig.com Girls first goes up June 2003

 Polar Bear Tournament May 17 & 18, 2003 at Zumbro Valley Paintball. See Photos
 MXPL tournament May 4, 2003
April 26 & 27, 2003

 Walrus Cup April 26, 2003

 2003 NCPA College Championships

 Hazmat Goes To Ultimate Madness

 Sneak Peak at the new FSL Indoor Arena - March 1, 2003

 PSP LA OPEN See Report by Greg Scott

 720 Video goes National, big time!
 American Troop Rally at the Minnesota State Capitol March 22, 2003

 Polar Bear Tournament #1 - March 29-30 at Splat You're Out in Blaine, MN
The Polar Bear Tournament Circuit to give CASH a prizes! 2003

 The Polar Bear Tournament Circuit changes it's dates for 2003 season.
 Polar Bear first 3 player tournament for 2003 is set.

 NLIC Championships Paintball Tournament March 15th, 2003

 NCPA High School Paintball Tournament March 9th, 2003

 The First NPPL Super 7 Huntington Beach, California See Story by Greg Scott
 Sneak Peek #2 at FSL Paintball Arena coming soon - March 2003
 Division Cup
Paintball Tournament Jan. 26th, 2003
 Northern Lights Paintball League coming summer of 2003

 Sneak Peak at FSL Paintball Aren coming soon - Feb. 2003
 Sup'AIR Bowl III - Paintball Tournament Jan. 18-19, 2003 in Saint Cloud, MN
 Just In! New Bauer compressor. 2003
 Paintball 101
Classes held at Splat Your Out Indoor in Blaine, MN 2003.

 2002 News
 Farm Land Paintball Club On Kare 11, Toys for Tots! 2002

 You do what?? The trials of being a female paintball player by Sara Brunsell Nov. 2002

MN Teams go to World Cup in FL 2002

 Minnesota Army National Guard Tournament - 7 players Teams - Oct 3rd, 2002.

 Tommygun's Paintball Tournament See Photos from - Sept. 22

 The First Lake Superior Cup Story by Mark Wagemaker Aug. 25, 2002

 Farm Land Paintball Tournaments Young Guns Sept. 14th

 Team Cypress at Atlantic City NPPL 2002 - Aug 24

 Farm Land Paintball Tournaments Speedball Series Aug. , 2002

 Tommygun's Paintball Tournament See Photos from Aug. 18

 Zumbro Valley Paintball Tournament Aug. 4th, 2002 See Photos

 Drink before you get thirsty! Playing in the Sun! Report by Dr. Terrence Murphy

 Farm Land Paintball Club Starts Tournament

 Todd Hugo Paintball Clinic - July 20, 2002

 Axis & Allies 4 - in Buffalo, MN - July 13, 2002

 Walrus Cup in Bemidji, MN - July

 Team Cypress at NPPL Chicago Open 2002 June 19-23, 2002 - Crete, IL

 Walrus Cup in Bemidji, MN - June

 "Changes" By Jay Rosauer - 2002

 Giant Big Game II - June 9th - 185 players go to battle! Take a Look!

 720 acres burns in Brainerd, MN along with a paintball field!

 The City of Duluth Starts Paintball Business!

 First Polar Bear 5-man At PGI in Baldwin, WI - May 18th, 2002

 Farm Land Tournament in Young America, MN - May 18th, 2002

 Northern Plains Ultimate Crown Tournament - May 18th in Verndale, MN

 Walrus Cup in Bemidji, MN - May 11, 2002

 The New re:load upgrade! Very fast and invented by a Minnesota man.

 Northern Plains Ultimate Crown Tournament - April 27th in Millbank, SD
 Polar Bear Tournament in Ramsey, MN - April 20-21, 2002

 UW Stout Charity Tournament Sunday, April 14th, 2002

 Deadwood City - the newest paintball course at Splat Tag, Inc

 The New ANGEL iR3 - Review

 Paintball TV Show "Splatter Factor"

 International Amateur Open Paintball Tournament - Sept. 2002 in PA

 Interview with Walt Fowler a PRO Player on Team OBR.
 Paintball Swap Meet and the New Sup"AIR Bowl II Video - March 17
 Minnesota players up at the Zap Skyball 2002 in Canada

 Division Cup, Jan. 26th, 2002 in Blaine, MN

 Sup'AIR Bowl II - Jan. 20th, 2002 in St. Cloud, MN

 Splat Your Out League Night Pictures Jan. 10, 2002

  2001 News

 MN Paintball Pro League Night Finals Dec. 17, 2001, MN

 Diehard Paintball Tournament, Nov. 24th, 2001 in Ramsey, MN

 Bubba's Toys for Tots Tournament, Nov. 6, WI

 Minnesota Teams at the World Cup in Orlando, FL, Oct 22-28
 Polar Bear Tournament in Rosemount, MN Oct 13-14
 Polar Bear Tournament in Anoka, WI Sept. 8-9

 P.G.I Tournament in Baldwin, WI Aug. 11

 Farmland Paintball Club - Toys for Tots, Aug. 11, MN
 Polar Bear Tounament in Baldwin, WI July 21-22
 Zumbro Valley Tournament, MN Aug. 4
Polar Bear Tournament in Baldwin, WI June 2-3

 Northern Plains Ultimate Crown in Varndale, May 5th, MN

 Polar Bear Tournament in Blaine, MN - April 21-22

 Promoting Safety at STREET JAM 01 in St. Paul, MN

 UW Stout Paintball Charity Tournament April 1st, WI
Nuclear Assault Tournament Feb.18th, MN
 Sup'AIR Bowl Tournament Jan. 20th, 2001, MN

  2000 News
 Polar Bear Tournament in Baldwin, WI - Sept. 2000

  1992 News
 North Star Open 1992


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