Private Release Party with Seven Twenty Video!

A private release party was held at the DeWees house on Saturday, February 22, 2003 for their latest release - 2002 World Cup video, "Beyond the Fifty".  The evening began with 16 invited guests and myself that showed up to view the most anticipated video of the year and with no doubt will be the best video of 2002!

The video started out with a great menu and clips from around the property at the the 2002 World Cup in Orlando, Florida.  The menu selection included such things as Chapters - where
you can select a specific game on that disk that you would like to see, Audio - where you can select audio track 1 where you can listen to music - or audio trac 2 where you can listen to the players (really cool feature), and Special Features - where you can see edited versions of the Heads Up Display games, an  interview with Dave Youngblood, TC Paintpool and a music video from Melismatics!  Disk one also contains over an hour of great game play with 3 Heads Up Display games.

Disk 2 contains all these same great menu features as well as 2 Heads Up Display games and a kick a@* Pulling Your Pod clip... it's a guaranteed laugh!  This disk also contains the last game of the World Cup between Aftershock and Ironmen and a great interview of Aftershock 5 minutes after they won the World Cup - and let
me tell you, these guys are stoked!

National Paintball Supply is the official distributor of "Beyond the Fifty". It will be available through your local paintball dealer starting March 1.

I am anxiously awaiting the next video!  You won't have to wait long... Seven Twenty Video will be going to the PSP Las Vegas Open at the end of April/First of March... video is expected to be released mid summer 2003!" 

The official web site for 720 Video

By Darrin Johnson
MNpig.com - Feb. 23, 2003

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