April 28, 2004

The Minnesota Paintball Association
Web Site reaches over 50,000 Views!

Since 1996 the MPA / MPL organization has been promoting Paintball and Safety in Minnesota.

The MPL launched it's web site (www.paint-ball.org) in the summer of 2000 after one of it's members attended a committee  meeting at the Minnesota State Capitol and listen to several Congressmen speak misinformed about paintball and stated that they had gotten most of their information from researching paintball on the internet.
This committee meeting has voting to send a Bill to the floor that would severely restrict paintball in Minnesota. The Bill was sent on for a vote after a number of change were made, thanks to the help of some great people that really love our sport.

Now with the MPA web site up, Congressmen, Judges, Mothers and anyone else that does research on paintball and safety, can read good information and be better informed when deciding if we can play paintball or not, in Minnesota.

In 2002 the Minnesota Paintball League change it's name to Minnesota Paintball Association. (MPA)

Now you can find that a lot of Minnesota paintball companies and teams have added a link to the MPA web site helping to promote paintball and safety. Thanks! Together we can keep paintball safe and growing.


The Minnesota Paintball Association also runs this web site (Minnesota Paintball Internet Guide) www.mnpig.com to help promote paintball and small paintball companies in and around Minnesota.

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