Farm Land Paintball Club
Toys For Tots

By Larry “Sage” Strack

 Farm Land’s 5th Annual Toys For Tot’s Drive was a huge success!  With unwrapped toys in hand and a desire to have some fun, veteran and new players joined this September to pull off one of our most successful Toys For Tot’s drives ever.  “It’s for the kids” was heard on field and in the staging area throughout the day.  The weather was a perfect Minnesota Fall day and players showed up in droves.  The games went flawless and Alamo Paintball, besides donating much time and effort, provided paint at cost.  Except for the cost of an unwrapped toy, there were no field fees, and Farm Land Paintball Club provided a free potluck lunch. 

By the end of the day, we had collected well over $2000 in toys for underprivileged children.  The toys were delivered to a Marine Toys For Tot’s drop-off sites for distribution.  This year, we chose the Apple Valley Walmart as the drop off site.  Steve, the store manager, and a few of his employees gladly accepted the toys and cash donations on behalf of the Marines.  


We’d like to thank our sponsors, Alamo Paintball, for their undying commitment to the club and the Toys For Tots organization.  Also, the Marine Reserves for providing the avenue to help our local communities and to all the players and club members that helped make this drive a success. 

As we begin to plan for next years events, keeping in mind our motto “Honor – Integrity – Community”.  We want to continue positively impact our communities by showing we care and will be there when there’s a need.  It’s not just about paintball!  The honor and integrity we practice on the playing field spills over into our everyday life and gives others a way of life to strive for.  Next year we want to challenge more paintball teams, clubs and establishments to join our cause.  Play hard, play fair, play safe.   


By Larry Strack
MNpig.com - Jan. 24, 2004

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